That Man 

You became like every other one of them.

There was nothing special about you anymore.

Doubts planted in my mind

like sin planted in the garden of Eden

because with just one act you disolved the veil

that covered my eyes.

I saw your nakedness.

Just like that, eternity with you now had a funeral date.

Our love wilted like the remains of the poisoned fruit

of which I took a bite because I trusted you.

“Don’t be that man.

Don’t be that man!”

I prayed that into our first kiss.

I believed it.

I really did but…

You can’t cheat nature right?

My battle was lost even before it began and…

maybe deep down I knew it.

You became that man.

The man you always were.

The man that I refused to see;

but I’ll still cover your nakedness with my evergreen love

until I’m worn out,

until I’m able to forgive your nakedness,

Until you are not that man.

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