Dear You (A Year Without You)

So.. I finally did it! An audio version of my poetry. Hope you like it. Feedback/ constructive criticism  is very welcome. Enjoy!  

Dear You (A Year Without You)
Your name lit like fire

Flames of my itching desire 

While I wrote it on this paper 

My fingers burned with every letter
I don’t mind the pain

You get numb after feeling it again and again 

Like drying your tears in the rain

I’m making of this letter a thousand paper cranes
But I don’t want to heal

This is some agony I like to feel

Reminds me that you not being here is real

And I wonder if it will go away once this letter is sealed
I wish you were someone I could love to hate

The super villain in the stories I create

The kiss that never gets Sleeping Beauty to wake

The forbidden fruit, the deceitful snake 
But I’ll play the bad guy so you can shine

Make a toast on your behalf with this empty bottle of wine

Raise it to the sky while Cancer stars align

Beautiful yet ruthless fatal design
I’m not sure this will make it into your mail 

Or join the other 364 letters that have failed

To even make it into the garbage pail

Scattered all over my room leaving paper trails 
But I’m sure this is the last one I’ll write

This is the last time I’ll fight

This is the first time I’ll sleep at night

And tomorrow will be the first time I’ll turn on the light
I’ll still smile when I think of you 

It doesn’t matter if it isn’t the same for you too 

What matters is that we both made it through

Dear you, I made it a year without you


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