I Am My Priority

These past couple of months, I’ve learned to prioritize my physical, mental and especially my emotional well being over everything. I repeat, over everything! Some people may think it’s selfish but experience has taught me that no one is responsible for my happiness except me. 
No one can understand me better than myself, no one can feel what I feel and no one can or should determine how I should feel about something. Feelings are very complicated and translating them into words can be very challenging sometimes (at least for me); but that doesn’t mean they are not valid, that they are not real or important. The fact that I’m feeling it means it’s real and there is something causing it. 
I’m learning to take time to identify and understand my emotions, whether good or bad and try to figure out their roots. It’s not an easy process. Dealing with positive feelings, like happiness, is not as challenging as the negative ones such as envy or anger. Sometimes there are feelings that I don’t want to deal with because the truth behind them hurts. We are human. It’s normal to experience “bad feelings”. It doesn’t make us bad people; it all depends on the actions we take while in that state.
It has helped me learn about myself and understand the person that I am, understand why I act in a particular way in certain situations by knowing what triggers certain emotions. My goal is to do more of the things that make me happy and never apologize for it. Peace of mind and happiness are very important and subjective. Find your happy place and live it.


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