My Unapologetic 2016

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people!!! I hope that you all got most of what you wanted and needed out of 2016.
There are a lot of mixed feeling when it comes to the year 2016 but I think we can all agree that it was a peculiar year. We lost a lot of great people in the entertainment industry but let’s not forget the people that lost their lives due to terrorist attacks, police brutality, and hate crimes.

Personally 2016 was an “unapologetic” year. There were a lot of things I wanted but God also gave me things that I needed that I had never really prayed for. It was the year I actually paid close attention to the people in my life. Those that deserved little or none of my time, those that needed to stay and those that need to go. And it’s funny to me how it didn’t take any effort on my part at all. It’s either they left on their own or their actions slowly created a distance.
2016 was also the year I found my happy place and learned to keep it to myself because I learned to prioritize my happiness and peace of mind unapologetically.
I wish each one of you a successful 2017 filled with positive vibes only!!!


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