Like a still forest in the darkest of nights. 

No wind no sound. 


“Nothing” is happening to me. 


It’s peaceful you may say. 

I think it’s scary. 

“Nothing” is scary. 

“Nothing” is a feeling of inability. 

“Nothing” is when you are working hard and not getting the results you need.

“Nothing” is wanting something you can’t have. 

“Nothing” is reaching for a kiss and getting a bite. Nothing..

“Nothing” is feeling frustrated and not being able to express it.

“Nothing” is staying still and forcing patience into your soul while your spirit is raging.

“Nothing” is what you feel when you hear no for the third time.

“Nothing” is when you got the answers but you are not allowed to speak.

“Nothing” is the dream you have without rest… No sleep.

“Nothing” is getting close all the time and not reaching.

“Nothing” is the delay you endure that fucks up all your plans.

Like a still forest in the darkest of nights.

No wind no sound.


And you can’t know what’s out there.


It’s peaceful you may say.

But when “nothing” is happening

Your guard is constantly up


“Nothing” is happening to me 


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