Read Me My Rights

《Read me my rights!》 I yelled
While I sat in the backseat figuring out why love had to arrest me this time too.
《Read me my rights… I’m not willing to cooperate. I don’t have answers to your questions; all I have are answers to questions you don’t have. So tell me now… what’s it gonna be?!》

《Read me my rights… I won’t speak till I have another attorney because my brain, it escaped when it heard the sirens so my heart took its place but my heart is bleeding because Cupid’s poisoned arrows centred it perfectly.Stop! These band aids don’t work on these type of wounds so I’m begging you to stop.》

《Read me my rights…But first tell me what’s my crime? Is it because I couldn’t dodge Cupid’s arrow? Because I swear if I had spotted him from afar I wouldn’t be soaked it this warm liquid of life slowly turning ice cold. Nobody wants to hurt.》

《Read me my rights…Who signed your warrant? Tell that creature that he’s not going to like me the next time we meet. Wait I’m sorry.. no.. I’m not trying to threaten anyone. Well I guess this will be used against me in the court of law.. who’s law by the way?》

《Read me my rights…And before you search me you should know that the only weapon in my possession is this arrow piercing my insides and my perpetrator is still out there.》


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