My Sacred Space

There’s this place I go to

This cave

My sacred space

Once I pass the entrance

I kick off the hard day’s tiredness off my feet

Unbuckle the rules that almost make me feel inhuman 

Tightening my waist I can hardly breathe

I unzip society’s expectations down my spine

And unbutton every single item I had on the to do list

That today’s living put on me

Take off the undershirt of repressed emotions

That I dare not show, they call it weakness 

Unhook the brassiere that constantly reminds me of how my body is an entertainment  

Not a sustainer of life but a sustainer of unwanted attention 

I wiggle the shame they try to make me feel down my legs and step out of it

Moist wipes get rid of the soft spoken redness on my lips

the outlined masked seductive gaze and the overall layer of graceful disguise

I wash away any residual of the outside that stains my being

Just the right temperature of rhythmic dew to wet and cure the effects of a cold world

And bless every part of my intense dark covering as I’m reminded of the true me

I unfold

Come out and feel brand new

Warm oil to seal the feeling like a lover’s touch

It’s fragrance takes me to new places

Like a dream 

It feels real

I live it

I live it on a blank page

Where I can just be

Be on the blank page

Be the poetry

The fine lines that outline the insides

And defines the true


This is what poetry does for me

It lends me itself

It allows me to express the art that I am

This cave

My sacred space 

A blank page

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