Dear Guys on the Corner of My Block…

Dear guys on the corner of my block,

I don’t owe you a smile, I don’t owe you a greeting, I don’t have to give you my number, I’m already blessed whether you tell me or not. Now I can choose to pay you some attention and smile back or reply but if I don’t it doesn’t make me an angry black woman, its doesn’t magically transform me into an ugly bitch (because literally 10 seconds earlier you called me beautiful and sexy).

I don’t dress to impress you. Don’t assume that the social media lifestyle applies to everyone just because of what they are wearing or how they look. I didn’t spend time to look good and put on this outfit for your likes and comments. This is not Instagram Ave or Facebook Square Park .  Please believe me when I say that I could care less whether you think I look good or not. You know why? When I’m in front of the mirror getting ready, I think about how I look to myself and how I feel about myself. Regardless of your opinion if I wake up one morning and I feel like I don’t look good best believe that one hundred people can tell me I’m pretty and I will think they are lying or just being nice to me.

Feeling beautiful comes from within. I have learned to love myself and your compliments are welcome but don’t think you are entitled to something because you told me I look good. Don’t come to me with that lame thing you guys say “well girls spend all that time to dress up for guys.” I can’t speak for every girl but I can speak for myself. I dress to look good for MYSELF; to feel good about MYSELF; to appreciate MYSELF. You can appreciate it but how I look is about ME not you.


A girl who just wants to walk down her block in peace.

P.S. and oh if you are really gonna call me by the color of my shorts get it right at least. Beige not brown! Damn!


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