I’m Told To Be Patient 

It’s nice to see that everyone is getting along fine, following their dreams and reaching their goals; basically achieving what they have prayed for. It didn’t come to them easily but it came. I’m told to be patient. I see people mess around with opportunities that I have prayed for and not giving it the right respect it deserves. I’m told to be patient. I see people believe in what I believe in and those who don’t and I smile with them,share their joy sincerely because I know how it feels to fight for what you want so yes I’m definitely happy for them. I’m told to e patient. I’m happy for them but it’s hard to be patient when it seems like you’ve been stuck in that fighting phase forever and the only help you can get is a six word story “Be patient, it will get better”. You repeat it to yourself until the sound of the words don’t seem to make sense anymore and you tell yourself that maybe you are not believing enough. Maybe if I believe a little bit harder. How is it done? How do you believe harder? How do you keep being patient and believe that things will get better? I’m told the be patient.


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