Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak


This really bothers my soul… well yeah it’s that deep. I just don’t get how people are able to give opnions on things they barely know anything about.

Whenever I happen to meet people that act this way I just internally shake my head begging them to stop making a fool of themselves. Yes we are not perfect and yes sometimes we don’t want to feel left out of the conversation… but you know what? Not everyday talk, sometimes be quiet!


I can’t even lie, this behavior upsets me so much. I saw a post on FB and couple of days ago and while reading through the comments I came across a disturbing one so I thought I would share my view too. What bothered me even more than the disturbing comment was the fact that the person wasn’t  informed about the subject (I know this because he mentioned it. SMH.) Clearly he had no clue in the first place and secondly he stated that he was not interested in researching on the matter.


Okay so? so why are we even having this conversation?! You can disagree with me and it’s fine as long as you can make valid points based on facts. I mean come on.

As if that was not enough someone else made a very irrelevant comment  basically “attacking me” while stating exactly my point. If only they had taken their time to read and understand what I was saying! SMH

I just find it disturbing that people think it’s okay to just say something  (freedom of speech right?!) without listening or understanding the subject that is being discussed.

I’m out!


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