In All Things Give Thanks

How many times do you hear “in all things give thanks” when something doesn’t go exactly as planned? Especially in Christian homes where it’s most likely accompanied by “God knows best.”

To me these sayings were just one of those things. I used to wonder, and I still do wonder, if people actually put thought into it when “encouraging” someone. Until now I hadn’t considered them as anything other than “empty” words meant to… make people feel better? keep their spirits up? Because let’s face it, these words are shared when things aren’t working out right for whoever carries the ears that have to hear them.

I mean it’s understandable because it’s very easy to be grateful in happy times.
But why is it so? Why is it easy to be grateful when you are smiling and almost impossible when it feels like your world is coming to an end? Well…for starters because your world is coming  to an end?!! Duh?!🙈.

Sounds like a silly question but I believe it all comes down to knowing what you should be grateful for. If you hit the lotto you are certainly going to be thankful for the money you will be receiving. On birthdays you are thankful for your life (and the birthday gifts😏). But let’s say you invest in something and lose.. what are you going to be grateful for?

This is why I think we should be grateful even in bad times; bad experiences carry lessons in them, they reveal things that we wouldn’t see on the regular like how strong (or weak) we are, who our true friends really are, how to go about certain situations (and if we believe in God we also realize that these experiences bring us closer to Him.)

Take time to think about what you have been through and take out the “bad experiences.” What kind of person would you be today without them?


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