Where I Find My Words

So I saw a post about where writers produce their works and it inspired me to write about my writing space.

Well I wouldn’t say I have a fixed writing space because I could be on the D train or on 34th St with some  friends and that idea or concept will just pop up and I will have to write it down. What I can say though is that I definitely have a predominant spot where I’m able to spill out my thoughts.



I always sleep on the left side of my queen sized bed only because it’s close to the wall (is there any psychological reason for that? Because I just like sleeping close to walls) with my note book, journal, laptop and pencil/pen on the right..  always.. well the position of my notebook varies between the bed and the top of my keyboard which is at the foot of my bed anyway.
Also there’s a window at the top part of the bed.. it’s not a great view but I try to work with it.



In part I know it’s due to my “mild laziness” but I just think I am more productive when I’m in a relaxed state. No pressure. Just me and my creative self. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas. Now imagine if my “tools” were somewhere else.. I know myself.. getting up would be a real struggle. And let’s not forget that my idea could float away if I don’t put it down real quick.

So yes my bed is my haven. But I guess I could add my keyboard too. Well technically I sit at the edge of my bed to play it so it’s still my bed…right? The only reason I emphasized on it is because sounds inspire me to write. Sometimes I’ll just play two notes repeatedly and it’s amazing what comes out of it.


I would love to know about your writing/creative space too. So feel free to share in the comment section or drop a link so I can check it out. 😊


4 thoughts on “Where I Find My Words

  1. I don’t really have a creative space cos I won’t call what I do creating, but when I write it’s usually on my bed as well, or on a bus going somewhere. Nice space you have, down to the African “wrapper”.

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    1. Hey Damilola.. thanks for passing by and thanks for your kind words. I can understand your point of view on creative space because you know creative minds are always on the go and you can get ideas anywhere and at anytime. I don’t agree with you on the part where you said what you do is not creating because after you put your thoughts on paper that paper is no more blank… that’s creating… go on and shine with your creative self 😉

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