Someway Bi


Song: Someway Bi
Artist: M.anifest
Prod. by: Young Fly
Official Music Video

I’ve been listening to this song by M.anifest for the past few weeks. I love the beat, the lyrics and the weekend vibe it gives.

My favorite part in the song is
“[…]hustle no dey nap
hustle no dey sleep
hustle no dey slack
it make wild in the streets…”

For those that don’t understand Ghanaian pidgin this translates to
hustle doesn’t take naps
hustle doesn’t sleep
hustle doesn’t slack
hustle is very determined on the streets 

Someway Bi, meaning some type of way, depicts the contrast between “hustling” all week and “chilling” during the weekend in the Ghanaian society (even though I believe the topic is very relatable no matter where you are from.) How we are able to smile through the pain.


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