My Quota for Socializing


This tumblr post sums up my whole social life. Hanging out with people takes a lot of energy from me.
It’s not like I don’t like to hang out.. I’ve got lovely friends that I have so much fun with but my “me time” is very important to me.

It might be selfish of me… I don’t know.. but being alone is not so bad. Apart from saving me from the chaotic drama-driven life we live now, being alone has made me learn more about myself and about why I make certain choices.

See the thing about being alone is, it really depends on how it’s approached. If something is approached with negativity, it’s going to be very hard to see any sort of good that that something might have. Most of the time we look at things with a bad eye just because we have been taught to believe that that’s how it is instead of finding our own reasons why we dislike a particular thing. (I think I’ll make make another post on this topic). If you are on your own and you constantly think of how sad it is and that you are lonely and blah blah blah…you won’t see it as an opportunity to treat yourself, to show love to yourself like no one else can or will ever be able to do, to do all the things you love without people judging you, to listen to your favorite song over and over again without people telling you you are boring, to dance in the mirror and pretend to be a whatever you want. Being on your own can be very liberating!

Don’t get me wrong… we are social beings and we can’t survive without each other… and that is a beautiful thing. The point I’m trying to make though is that I can’t be out there all the time. I need to return to my cave after “fulfilling my quota for socializing”…after being with others I have to be with me too.

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