Spilled Wine and an Empty Bottle

He doesnt know that what he did pushed me far deep into my corner. And I don’t know how to tell him to make him understand. Make him understand that it’s ok for him to feel that way. For him to act that way. It’s fine… well not really but it’s ok. As much as people around me think I’m expressive, it’s very hard for me to communicate what I feel to people. I need to take time to feel and elaborate on my feelings and when I’m ready to speak it feels like so much time has gone by and it’s not necessary anymore. So I just crawl into my corner. I don’t know if other  writers have this “problem.” And I guess it’s why we arm ourselves with metaphors and similes and all these other figures of speech because plain words just don’t do it!

What I want him to know is that more likely than not, when you like someone, it doesn’t matter how many people applaud you for the things you enjoy doing… if that one person doesn’t… well it feels like you did something wrong and I’m not saying that you should do things just for the applause. It’s just that… they don’t even have to say “no, I don’t like it”.. their indifference leaves you staring at spilled wine and an empty bottle.


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