Temptation.. Do You Avoid It or Do You Face It?

So I woke up today with a nicely packaged temptation at my door step. I’m yet to make a decision. I don’t know if this is me avoiding the decision making but all I know is that instead of choosing, I’m here over analyzing the whole situation (like I do most of the time). But yeah the thing is that…

Well I guess I have to paint the picture. Lets say you love red velvet cupcakes. The way it melts in your mouth gives you chills and makes you feel things you can’t explain. You just love this damn red velvet cupcake. On the flip side though, this cupcake “doesn’t love you back” because 10 minutes after eating it, you get this terrible feeling in your stomach and it makes you forget about all the beautiful things you were enjoying earlier on. However you keep eating this cupcake every now and then because… well the terrible stomach ache is temporary so whatever.

The last time you had the cupcake you realized that you are actually doing harm to yourself so maybe, just maybe, it’s time to stop right? Oh I forgot to mention that one of  your cool friends makes the best cupcakes. Well after a couple of months without that red temptation, your best friend hits you up and tells you about her house warming  and she would appreciate it very much if you showed up. Now velvet cupcakes are her specialty and you know  for sure that they are going to be there looking at you and yelling “eat me , eat me!!”

Now lets just say this.. you are responsible for your actions. You have made up your mind that you are not having anymore of those poisonous cupcakes so how do we go about this?

The thing is when faced with temptation how do you know whether the object of the temptation has a hold on you? Are you over it when you are able to face it and resist it or is it when you are determined enough to not go close to it because you know its not good for you?





4 thoughts on “Temptation.. Do You Avoid It or Do You Face It?

    1. I’m more inclined to thinking that once you face it and it has no effect on you that’s when you can truly say you are over it. But then again can you get over temptations completely? So then maybe if we really don’t want to fall into it, our best bet is to avoid it. We can say it depends on our determination..:-/


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