3:15 am

There are songs I have written.. about you. You will never hear them.

I’ll have to rewrite them! Rewrite!! Like everything else that’s happened. Rewrite the lyrics to these melodies, replace some words with others.. like “you” with “me”, “now” with “maybe later”, “I want” with “I wish I could have”, “love” with …

Can’t replace love. Not now. It’s too early and I’m not ready. Eventually I’ll replace it, hopefully not with “hate” maybe with “anger” or “hurt”.

I can’t be mad at you though! You never knew. And you might never know. Maybe I’ll tell you but it won’t make sense.

Dreams come true they say. Well it just might be true you know. Unfortunately you don’t get to pick which one. Yes because of all the dreams I’ve had about you the only one coming true is a nightmare!

So I’m not going to write songs about you anymore. And the ones I have, I might recycle them if I don’t get the courage to change the words.


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